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Sustainable travel is a hot topic right now, and with good reason. As someone who flies a lot, I know that I do everything in my power to offset my carbon footprint as much as possible. One of the easiest things a traveler can do to be more eco-friendly is to get rid of single-use cups, bottles, and straws.

Bringing your cup to your favorite coffee shop may not have the power to change the world, but if we all do our part, we can make a meaningful contribution. That’s why today’s list aims to help you find the best collapsible travel cup.

STOJO Collapsible Travel Cup With Straw

STOJO Collapsible Travel Cup With Straw

Brand                    STOJO
Material                Silicone
Color                     Sage
Capacity               16 Ounces
Special Feature    Microwave Safe, Foldable


Collapsible cup
It’s never been easier (or funnier) to take your reusable mug with you. This compact mug folds down to just 2 inches. Whether you’re drinking coffee or a smoothie, the 16-ounce Stojo is perfectly portable for commuting, camping trips, home tea, and travel. When you’re done, simply remove the heated lid, unfold the tab, and fold away. Leakproof includes a straw, fits into standard drink holders and you’ll get a load of that sage green color!

Whether it’s hot tea or frozen milk, Stojo’s premium food-grade silicone and heat-resistant cases can handle it all.
Dishwasher and Microwave Safe
Yes, please. To clean your Stojo, place it on the top rack of your dishwasher. Or hand wash. The Stojo Mug (and all Stojo products) are designed to be disassembled and reassembled for thorough cleaning. The separable parts are the heating sleeve, lid, flange, tab, straw, and cup.

Made from food-grade platinum silicone and recyclable plastic. 5, meaning no BPA, BPS, phthalates, lead, or adhesives.

Sustainability shouldn’t mean sacrifice
In 2012, three Brooklyn dads came up with a caffeine-fuelled idea: a collapsible, leak-proof coffee mug that would make it easier for people to break the throwaway culture (and look really, really good doing it). Today, Stojo makes a variety of ultra-portable accessories, from bottles to bowls to straws. These are the most respectful products on the planet, enabling sustainable living easy.

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EASYXQ Collapsible Coffee Cup

EASYXQ Collapsible Coffee Cup

Brand                       EASYXQ
Material                   Silicone
Color                        Ink Black
Capacity                  16 Fluid Ounces
Special Feature      Foldable


Food Grade Silicone Material
Our collapsible travel cup is made of food-grade silicone, BPA-free. Added anti-scald ring for extra safety. Apart from. It is easy to clean, odorless, durable, flexible, and flexible. reusable withstands temperatures from -104℉~428℉.

size small but 16 oz
cup size before folding is 4.17 * 5.55 inches and 2.36 * 3.89 inches when folded. The silicone material of the EASYXQ foldable travel mug is lightweight and durable. For outdoor camping, hiking, or travel, a small collapsible cup is a good choice.

Amazing Design
The hiking hook can be easily hung on the bag by connecting the hand rope and the portable hook. Space-saving and only 2.36 inches when folded, it doesn’t take up space, perfect for outdoor hiking, camping, travel, and sporting events. Also perfect in the office as a coffee mug.

Solid Base & Easy to Drink
With a solid base, the coffee cup is not easy to tip over. You can drink straight out of this reusable cup or use a straw, depending on your preference.

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Nanaborn Silicone Collapsible Cups for Camping Travel

Silicone Collapsible Cups for Camping Travel

Brand            Nanaborn
Material       Silicone Stainless Steel
Color             Blue
Capacity      270 Milliliters
Style             Modern

Silicone Collapsible Cup
The Collapsible Travel Cup is made of food-grade silicone, with a stainless steel frame and plastic cover. The compact foldable water cup is suitable for outdoor camping travel.

Easy to Carry
Pocket size, foldable design is very space-saving. It is only 0.48 inches after being folded, which is very suitable to be placed in pockets, backpacks, and suitcases, and does not take up any space.

Drinking Cup with Lid
The silicone collapsible cups have a hand strap that can be hung on the lid, and the size inside the cup is easy to read. The metal rim makes the cup stable and maintains its shape, making it easier to hold and drink.

Capacity 270ml
270ml capacity. 3.88 x 3.35 inches before folding. The temperature range is -50 to 100℃. The foldable is small size and lightweight and used as toiletry cups for brushing teeth/rinsing but could also be used as drinking cups on a camping trip.

The flexible foldable travel mug is very easy to clean and dishwasher safe. 2 Packs of Collapsible Travel cups, Color: Blue and Gray.

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ME.FAN Silicone Collapsible Travel Cup – Silicone Folding Camping Cup

Silicone Collapsible Travel Cup

Brand                     ME.FAN
Material                 Silicone
Color                      4 Pack-Orange-Blue-Coffee-Purple
Capacity                 270 Milliliters
Special Feature     All Cookware, Dishwasher Safe


100% Food GradeSilicone+PE
Health Materials: The collapsible travel cup is made of food grades silicone, and offered stainless steel rim and plastic lid. Easy to wash, odorless, non-staining, durable, flexible & reusable.

Ultrathin Folding Design and Portable
Update the collapsible design, space-saving and only 0.59In when collapsed, fits well in your pocket, purse, backpack, or suitcase and takes up no space, ideal for outdoor hiking, camping, travel, and sport events.

Outstanding Performance
Can be hung on the bag of a connective hand rope and portable hook. – Easy to read with the measuring inside of the cup. – Much easier to hold and drink from the stainless steel rim of the cup. – Tight fitting the lid prevents any dust and dirt to get close.

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DARUNAXY Collapsible Travel Cup – Silicone Folding Camping Cup

DARUNAXY Collapsible Travel Cup - Silicone Folding Camping Cup

Brand           DARUNAXY
Material       Silicone
Color              Black
Capacity      1.2 Pounds
Style             Modern


Safe Material & New upgrade version
We increase another folding level to increase capacity. Our collapsible travel mug is made of food-grade silicone, a plastic lid. It is easy to clean, non-toxic, odorless, stain-free, durable, flexible, and stain-resistant. reusable, safer, and larger than similar products on the market.

Perfect Seal
Leak-proof construction allows the cup to be sealed tightly; An opening that allows you to easily sip a drink without opening the whole mug and a silicone lid that seals the mug when not in use, preventing foreign objects and even small insects from entering the cup.

Extraordinary Design
Our silicone collapsible portable travel mug features a D-shaped hiking hook. It’s easy to hang on your bag by connecting the hand rope and portable hook.

space-saving and folded only 2.16 inches, fits well in your pocket, purse, backpack, or suitcase and doesn’t take up space, perfect for sportsmen of outdoor hiking, camping, travel, and events. Also perfect in the office as a coffee mug.

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UCO Collapsible Cup for Hiking, Backpacking, and Camping

Collapsible Cup for Hiking,

Brand           UCO
Material       Plastic
Color             Gray
Capacity       12 Ounces

Collapsible cups for traveling reduce to 50% of their original height and feature built-in volume gradients in both ounces and milliliters

Beverages At Any Temperature
The perfect collapsible kitchen items, our camping cups are built to safely accommodate boiling liquids as well as ice-cold beverages

Ergonomic Design
Comfortable ergonomic handle with built-in attachment hole easily accommodates a carabiner, allowing you to attach the cup to a pack or mess kit

Camping Cup
The 12-ounce collapsible camping mug features a flexible TPE base that stows inside the rigid rim for added convenience and improved packability.

Quality Construction
These collapsible cups are constructed from phthalate-free and EN-approved materials and are dishwasher-safe and food-safe.

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SemetorCollapsible Water Bottle

SemetorCollapsible Water Bottle

Brand                 Semetor
Material             Silicone
Bottle Type       Foldable
Color                  Pink
Capacity            1.1 Pounds

Collapsible travel cup made from food-grade silicone, BPA-free and odorless. Feature with a polypropylene lid and heat sleeve, easy to clean. The collapsible cup can be a fantastic to-go coffee cup, portable camping cup, easy-go school cup for children, etc. This is also a wonder reusable cup, environmentally friendly, and avoids lots of unnecessary plastic waste.

Can be hung on the bag of a connective hand rope and portable hook.Much easier to hold and drink from the stainless steel rim of the cup. Tight-fitting the lid prevents any dust and dirt to get close.

Our collapsible drinking cup Can Withstand a temperature range from -40 degrees F to 480 degrees F, is extremely heat & cold-resistant, and is Suitable for cold drinks, tea, coffee, and hot beverages. The dishwasher & freezer is safe.

The exquisite package makes this collapsible cup a superb gift for the coffee lover in your life, share the collapsible cups with your family, friends, classmates, colleagues, and of course your traveling companion.
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This article highlights the Best Collapsible Travel Cup in 2023. Each Travel Cup is similarly suitable and has its pros and cons. You need to choose the Collapsible Travel Cup This is fine for you, matches your budget, and meets your needs. So, you must get short to select one to make you comfortable

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