Portable Car Refrigerator

A Portable Car Refrigerator could make any off-road journey an entire lot extra pleasant. If you need to preserve liquids or meals cold for your truck, this article is for you.

There’s not anything quite as fine as taking part in a cool beverage and a fresh snack after an extended day of off-avenue journey — and that’s precisely why such a lot of alternatives exist in portable, powered fridges, freezers, and coolers designed to be used for your Jeep, truck, or 4×4. If you’re tired of messing around with ice packs that consume up the region to your cumbersome camping cooler, you’ll want to offer the products below a look. Each is powered through the hollow to your vehicle and continues your snacks and drinks chilled without the want for ice packs.


Many additionally function compatibility with general family wall outlets, making them clean to move out of your truck to the campsite or cottage with ease. Whether you want a small electric-powered cooler for one individual or a top notch massive cooler for a multi-day family adventure, the goods under have you ever protected nicely. Here are a few top-notch Portable Car Refrigerator options:

AAOBOSI 12 Volt Refrigerator

Portable Car Refrigerator

Compact Car Refrigerator

AAOBOSI 12 volt car fridge can keep 34 12oz beverage bottles with its 22 quart/20L capacity. It is simple to apply anywhere. Equipped with 100/240V AC and 12/24V DC adapters, the car refrigerator meets the desires of numerous scenes, together in a car, RV, house, or outside environment. This is a superb preference for RV, car, camping, party, travel, and outside.

Compressor Cooling, High Efficiency, And Energy Saving

an empty Portable Car Refrigerator can cool down to 0°C (approximately 32°F) in approximately 15 mins by MAX Mode. Temperature range: – 20 ℃ ~ 20 ℃ / – 4 ℉ ~ 68 ℉. The 12V RV fridge maintains your meals fresh. No ice needed, no meals spoiled, money and space-saving. You can also pick out ECO Mode for energy-saving. This small car fridge’s working energy is much less than 45W.

APP Control And three Level Voltage Protection

Smart WiFi-enabled Portable Car Refrigerator permits you to function the auto fridge to your mobile APP, that’s handy to apply. You can also use the refrigerator at once by touching the control panel. Intelligent temperature management feature to fulfill the desired temperature of numerous ingredients.

Low Noise And Anti-shaking

The 12-volt car refrigerator is designed with low noise of 42dB to make certain you’ve got got a good sleep after a long using or a snug chatting environment. AAOBOSI Portable Car Refrigerator also has a shock-proof device to stand the uneven road, working without a trouble in case of a 30 ° inclination while you are off-road.

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UKKISO 12 Volt Car Refrigerator

Portable Car Refrigerator

Large Capacity

Our 12-volt fridge, with its big 40L capacity,12″(L)x 11″(W) x 15.2″(H) and 11″(L)x 4″(W) x 8.2″(H) indoors dimensions, works as a refrigerator or freezer to hold gadgets like beverages, fruits, ice cream, vegetables, seafood, meats, skin care products, and milk chilled or frozen. Great for picnics, barbecues, camping, residence parties, and travel. Ideal for Father’s Day gifts.

Energy Saving&powerful

UKKISO Portable Car Refrigerator 12v has a covered device for special ranges H/M/L. The device can correspond to a unique startup voltage and shutdown voltage respectively. The strong compressor could make the empty portable fridge temperature to 32℉(0℃) by max mode.RV fridge design of wi-fi maintains items very cool while you switch off the electricity at some stage in your journey. If you want to save extra frozen foods, we suggest that you pre-cool the fridge earlier than traveling.

App&guide Control

Smart portable car freezer can use a wireless connection ​and perform the automobile fridge for your mobile APP. It additionally has a USB port for phone charging.

Value Pack And Friendly Design

You will get a portable car fVALUE PACK AND FRIENDLY DESIGN: You get a portable car refrigerator,1 cigarette lighter connector,1 wall plug,1 wall plug adapter, and 1 person guide. The built-in LED light layout will let you easily get things at night. The backside drains hole is convenient for cleansing 12-volt refrigerators. This 12v transportable fridge has compartments so that you can cool liquids and freeze meat at the same time.

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BougeRV 12 Volt Car Fridge

Portable Car Refrigerator

Fast Cooling Down to 32℉

With Compressor refrigeration technology, this 12v car fridge may want to gain 20 min fast cooling from 77℉ to 32℉ and 50 min from 77℉ to -5℉, maintaining your meals fresh. No ice needed, no meals spoiled, money and space-saving. (Dimension:22.28*12.20*12.60in, Weight: 22.18lb lightweight)

45W Low Power Consumption

With ECO energy-saving mode, this 23 Qt portable fridge’s running power is much less than 45W. Even running on MAX mode, it consumes far much less than 1kwh/day for its smart cycle work. You can run this portable freezer refrigerator with 12/24 V DC strength on numerous vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, RVs, Camper, Van, Boat, etc.

45dB Low Noise

The truck freezer is designed with low noise to make sure you have an awesome sleep after long driving. This camping refrigerator additionally has a shock-proof design to stand the uneven road, running with out problem in case of a 30 ° inclination whilst you are off-road.

three Level Voltage Battery Protection

The RV refrigerator/freezer is ready with a 3-stage battery display to save you the refrigerator from draining your vehicle’s battery. You can select at what battery voltage the refrigerator shuts off to save you the entire battery drain.

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Euhomy Refrigerator

Portable Car Refrigerator

Dual Storage Area&effective Capacity

Euhomy car fridge is equipped with zones. A portable fridge freezer allows you to save a number of meals even as maintaining them fresh. This effective RV refrigerator can keep 46cans cola, 28 bottles of water, or 15 bottles of red wine, which fully meets RV1 / truck drivers, boat owners, and campers to save seafood, snacks, meat, and beverages, travel, boating, and tenting needs.

Low Energy Consumption

Euhomy 12-volt freezer adopts advanced 3D refrigeration generation and is equipped with an effective compressor for instant cooling.

Smart Battery Protection&domestic/vehicle Dual-use

Euhomy car refrigerator 12v is equipped with 110/240V AC and 12/24V DC adapters, which may be used at home or in the car. The RV fridge gives three (low, medium, and high) battery safety capabilities at different levels.


The sound of the 12v refrigerator is most effective at 40 decibels when it’s far running, it gives a quiet and snug surrounding for you. Because of its universal outside clean lines and equipped with a multi-functional non-slip base, the lateral displacement is greatly reduced.

Bluetooth Connection

The LCD panel lets you without delay see the operation of the 12v fridge for the auto and regulate the temperature variety at any time. You can set any temperature between-4℉-68℉(-20℃-20℃) at the panel. The vehicle cooler additionally has Bluetooth mode, with a cell app, so that you can remotely manage the portable vehicle refrigerators without being across the machine.

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BODEGA 12 Volt Car Refrigerator

Portable Car Refrigerator

Fast Cooling To 32℉

Adopt strong DC Compressor refrigeration technology, with excessive quality, long operating life and speedy cooling performance. BODEGA 12v Portable Car Refrigerator can gain rapid cooling from 77℉ to 32℉ inside 15 min and from 77℉ to -4℉ within 90 min. Adjust the temperature of the automobile fridge from -4℉-68℉ (-20℃-20℃) as your need. This portable fridge is a great choice for outdoor activities along with tenting, picnics, avenue trips, and so on.

App Control & Built-in Led Light

BODEGA 12 Volt fridge helps WIFI connection or guide control. (For android & ios). You can test or set the temperature, voltage, or cooling mode by the app. And ready with an LCD panel that permits you to directly see the operation of the 12v refrigerator for the car and adjust the temperature range at any time. This transportable refrigerator freezer has 2 capacities and 3 color options.

Energy Saving & Low Noise

BODEGA vehicle fridge has 2 modes Max (Fast Cooling) and ECO (Energy Saving), which might be energy-saving and relatively environmentally friendly. Two different modes may be adjusted as your need. Less than 45dB low noise design provides silent and comfortable surroundings for you when it is going for walks. With anti-30°slip, our transportable refrigerator can work normally even on bumpy roads.

Smart Battery Protection System

BODEGA Car Fridge offers three (H/M/L) levels for battery safety to save you the automobile power supply from being overloaded or short-circuited so that you don’t need to worry about running out of vehicle strength whilst using the 12-volt refrigerator. Make your tenting or adventure more enjoyable.

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AAOBOSI 12 Volt Car Refrigerator

Portable Car Refrigerator

Speedy Cooling & Large Capacity

AAOBOSI Portable Car Refrigerator, with an effective compressor, lets in the refrigerator to speedy cool down from 77℉ to 32℉ within 15min. It may be divided into fridge and freezer compartments, If you need only one zone, you could take off the center plate. It maintains unique styles of objects cool at different temperatures, along with beverages, fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, etc.

Smart Control & Voltage Protection

With the automobile refrigerator with APP manage, you could control the freezer from distance or in the automobile. Intelligent temperature management characteristics to satisfy the specified temperature of various ingredients. H/M/L 3-stage low-voltage protection: When the measured DC voltage falls below the cut-off value, the compressor will off to save you the vehicle from running out of power.

LED Light & Removable Door

The indoor refrigerator is prepared with LED light, which may be visible clearly at night. 12V fridge is designed with a multi-useful non-slip base, with 4- foot pads, that’s non-slip and stable. Stable operation even if your automobile is tilted 30°. Reverse installation: The automobile fridge door is detachable and may be mounted according to your applicable direction for flexible application.

Foldable Handle

The foldable manage and curler layout of the Portable Car Refrigerator make the automobile fridge easier to transport and portable. The robust handle and the curved layout of the handle might not sting your hands. The 12V fridge is designed with a multi-useful non-slip base, 4-foot pads, non-slip and stable. Stable operation even if your automobile is tilted 30°.

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This article highlights the Best Portable Car Refrigerator in 2022. Each Refrigerator is similarly suitable and has its pros and cons. You need to choose the Portable Car Refrigerator this is fine for you, matches your budget, and meets your needs. So, you must get short to select one to make you comfortable

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