Talking Weight Scale

Talking Weight Scale allows a person to measure and track their body weight. Many models today can provide additional metrics, such as body fat percentage and hydration levels. People can choose from traditional analog scales, digital scales, and smart scales, all of which have pros and cons.
This article lists 8  of the best digital and analog bathroom scales available online, including their specifications and features.

Taylor Electronic Glass Talking Bathroom Scale

Talking Bathroom Scale


Reach your fitness goals and measure progress with the functional Taylor Electronic Glass Talking Scale. Four precision sensors provide reliable and accurate measurements.


This scale features Step-On technology, auto on and off, and a low battery indicator. It also announces weights in English, Spanish, Greek, German, or Croatian, which is ideal for vision-impaired users.


This extra high 440 lb. capacity talking bath scale features a spacious 12.2″ durable tempered glass scale platform and stainless steel accents.


The simple design saves space but still includes four anti-slip and scratch-resistant pads to keep the weighing platform stable, safe and sturdy.

USA Based

In-house design, marketing, engineering, and customer service teams. Taylor, established in 1851, is dedicated to high quality, high accuracy, and dedication to innovating both the professional and consumer markets.


Ideaworks Extra Wide Talking Weight Scale

Talking Weight Scale

Accurate Measurement

The scale’s pleasant and easy-to-hear voice provides a clear and accurate measurement.

Large Lcd Display

The LCD screen provides an easy-to-read display. It also includes a low battery indicator.

Memory Function

2 users can save up to 30 memories each.

Easy Power Control

Simply tap the scale with your foot to turn it on and off.

Weight Limit

The extra-large and extra-wide tempered glass scale has a maximum weight of 550 lbs/230 kg.


INEVIFIT Bathroom Scale

Meet Your Fitness Goals Faster

Accurately monitor your body weight by stepping on the large 11.8” x 11.8” premium tempered glass platform to track your progress and reach your fitness goals faster.

Simple & Convenient

The INEVIFIT Bathroom Scale is equipped with Auto-Calibrating sensors which provide you with precise measurements for you and your family every time.

Smart Features For Smart Users

Body weight measurement readings should be hassle-free, so your scale has Auto-On & Auto-Off sensing technology to save battery life.

Be Proud Of Your New Body Scale

We have designed its elegant look right here in Southern California, and have used a larger 3.6” LED display to allow for easy reading. Thanks to our fine quality materials and upgraded sensors it can now weigh up to 400 lbs (180 kgs).

Stay Calm & Get Your Track On

The INEVIFIT Digital Talking Weight Scale is made to stand by the highest standards for the everyday user. You can rest assured that you will be given the ultimate INEVIFIT experience.


Greater Goods Bluetooth Connected Bathroom Smart Scale

Talking Weight Scale

A Premium Choice

Between design and quality, this smart scale is going to last and function at the highest level. With secure one-to-one syncing over Bluetooth, support for up to 8 users, and multi-app connectivity, your goals are within reach, and this scale will help you get there.

The Freshest Features

All of the qualities you need and expect in a smart scale, and a few you had no idea you did. Of course, there’s a backlit screen and free app to connect to, working in tandem to track all metrics, including weight, BMI, body fat, lean mass, water weight, and bone mass, making your fitness journey a more holistic experience.

Intuitive and Stylish

Never let a scale cramp your style again. The intuitive, modern design of this smart Bluetooth scale fits right in with the decor of even the trendiest bathroom. You won’t have to hide it in the cabinet like every other scale you’ve owned. And makes it easier to use than ever—simply step on and have all body metrics sent straight to your phone.


Arboleaf Digital Bathroom Smart Scale

Talking Weight Scale


Syncing with an easy-to-use app & supporting Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.3 & IOS 9.0 or above system, this smart scale body fat digital scale can feed your health body fat scale data to your favorite fitness app including APPIE HEALTH, GOOGLE FIT & FITBIT app – already used by over millions satisfied users.

1 Step, 14 Key Body Composition Analysis

The weight scale with body fat and water weight can tell you 14 essential body compositions including weight, body fat %, body type, visceral fat, body water %, muscle mass, bone mass, BMR, BIM, metabolic age; Clear trend graphs allow you to track progress easily with your fingertips and stay motivated along your fitness journey only by 1 simple step to arboleaf digital Talking Weight Scale.

Highly Accurate, Fully Automatic

4 high precision sensors and 4 sensitive electrodes together ensure arboleaf Talking Weight Scaleaccurate and consistent body composition analysis; Just step on the body weight scales to get timely readings, no more tapping to activate scale with body fat and water weight; Auto-connection, auto-recognition, auto ON/OFF, auto-calibration, low battery and overload indication of this bathroom scale; Just a simple and easy step towards a healthier lifestyle.

One Arboleaf Scale, Unlimited Users

You can weigh yourself on this BMI body fat scale without your phone, and the data will sync to App once it connects to the electronic scales for body weight again; Our multi-user friendly Bluetooth scales for people can intelligently identify users and match digital scales Bluetooth data to corresponding user profile, which allows your families to share 1 arboleaf digital scale for seamlessly tracking weight loss progress and improving health condition.


Extra Wide Glass Talking Digital Scale

Talking Weight Scale


talking bathroom scale accurately says your weight aloud in a clear, easy-to-understand voice. Ideal for anyone with poor eyesight.


simply tap on the talking weight scale to turn on the display LB and KG measurement choices. Switch between lbs. and kgs. reading by pressing the button on the back. Once set, simply step on the scale for a precise body weight reading.


the scale registers your weight and a voice activates and announces findings with clear and perfect enunciation. The voice will also announce when the talking scale is powered down. One of the most convenient bathroom accessories for senior citizens or the visually impaired.


a large 3-inch LCD displays your weight, sturdy tempered glass, and a sleek black design looks great with any bathroom decor, Takes 2 AAA batteries (not included).


extra wide digital scales for body weight make weighing yourself comfortable. It’s easy to stand on and the low-profile height makes it easy to step on and step off. Up to 395 lbs.


BEAUTURAL Digital Bathroom Scale

Talking Weight Scale

Tempered Glass

Trusted Bathroom Scale

BEAUTURAL brand Talking Weight Scale is one of the popular scales in the market, it was built with 4 high-precision sensors, uses an auto-balanced design and auto-calibration tech., Readout Accuracy±0.2 lb / 0.1 kg, providing consistent readings all the time.

Step-On Technology and Lock Your Weight

No need to activate the scale, step on the scale and get instant reading, the digital number will flash 3 times and finally, the display will lock and remain your weight for around 13 seconds, so you can clearly see the readings after you step off the scale.

Easy to Read and Store

Features with 2.8×1.3 inch large LCD backlit display and large digital number to provide clear readings; also it’s a compact size bathroom scale (11.02″ x 11.02″/28cm x28cm), so it will be stored away in a little nook somewhere.

Three Units Conversion

The unit conversion button is on the back of the weighing scale, you can short press the button to choose a unit among lb, kg, or st.

Lightweight and Sturdy

The bath scale is only 2.65 pounds, lighter than most scales; it was made of 6mm tempered glass and is sturdy enough to measure up to 400 lbs (The weight measurement range is from 11 lb / 5 kg to 400 lbs/ 180kg).


NUTRI FIT Extra-Wide/Ultra-Thick Digital Weight Bathroom Scale

Talking Weight Scale

Extra Wide Platform

Extra Wide Surface and Ultra-Think 6mm Tempered Glass for Weight Up to 180kg(400lb); Also Provide an Accuracy of +/- 50g(0.1lb) and Stable Readings.

LCD Display & Step-on Technology-

Step-on technology, Large numbers, and a backlit 3.25-inch LCD display deliver immediate readings as soon as you step on the weight scale.

Durable, Sturdy & Steady Platform

6 mm-thick tempered glass, rounded corners, anti-skid pads, and rollover protection not only provide exceptional sturdiness but also make the bathroom scale more durable and safe. Its large platform is comfortably accommodating and suitable for everyone to use, especially taller people and those with balance issues Talking Weight Scale.


Auto-power-off, Auto-zero, Auto-calibration; Low battery and overload indication; measures in both lb and kg.



In a nutshell, the article highlights the Best Talking Weight Scale in 2022. Each Weight Scale is equally good and has its pros and cons. You have to select the Weight Scale that is the best for you, suit your budget, and meets your needs. So, you should get quick to choose one to make you comfortable.

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