Can You Use Purified Water in a Humidifier?

Air and water are the two factors that are necessary for the existence of humanity. Indoor air that we breathe in continuously is generally too dry and may irritate a number of body parts such as the pores and skin and respiratory system. Moreover, dry air creates the best conditions for micro organisms and viruses to unfold and journey which may motivate serious fitness problems.

A humidifier is a device that provides moisture to the air stopping all the abovementioned inconveniences and filling your indoor area with wholesome air to breathe. Since you will be respiratory in the water that you put into the humidifier it is necessary to have a exceptional water supply.

Purified water can and has to be used in a humidifier. It will assist you to breathe smooth air and lengthen the humidifier’s life. Distilled water is the cleanest kind of purified water so it’s the high-quality best water kind to use.

Can You Use Purified Water in a Humidifier?

In this article, we will cowl all of the questions regarding the situation of water for humidifiers consisting of a number of kinds of water and its effect on the gadget and first-class air, and tips for getting exceptional out of your ride when the usage of one.

Therefore, if you very own or plan to gain this air cleaning machine then hold on studying as this article is about all that you want to get informed on how to get the best results from the humidifier by using the usage of the proper kind of water.

Why Should You Avoid Using Tap Water in Your Humidifier?

Untreated tap water is full of harmful contaminants. According to the Water Quality Association generally tap water includes factors such as pesticides, chloramine, fluoride, bacteria and viruses, and many more. Imagine what terrible outcomes respiratory in such contaminants would possibly have on the touchy respiratory system.

Tap Water in Your Humidifier
Furthermore, tap water contains a wide variety of heavy metals, sediment, and different particles. The latter can clog and harm the pipes and methods of your humidifier, thus decreasing its sturdiness and extremely good work productivity.

Also, the professionals of the Mayo Clinic state that the micro organism and viruses existing in tap water will end result in the growth of mildew in the tank of your humidifier which will then be launched into the air you breathe in.

What is the Best Water for a Humidifier?

Since we have quickly included the drawback of the use of tap water in your humidifier, the following paragraph will show precise records and comparisons of every kind of water that you can use for your system to find out which one is the best.

Tap Water

As noted above tap water in most cases is hard and is full of harmful contaminants such as chloramine, fluoride, lead, pesticides, and even micro organism and viruses. Also, many different particles can be determined in faucet water like sediment or heavy metals which will clog and injure your humidifier device.

With all that in mind, it is challenging to discover at least one high-quality factor about the usage of tap water for humidifiers however if we have to then it would be its accessibility, but at what cost? Therefore, it is great to pick any different alternative listed below.

Purified Water – Distilled Water

Distillation is the most frequent way of water purification – a mechanical system that eliminates contaminants and minerals from your water. Purified or distilled water includes no calcium, chlorine, sulfate, ammonia, heavy metals, or carbon dioxide making it easy from any unsafe contaminants that would possibly injure your humidifier and get into the air you breathe.

Moreover, distilled water is the kind of water that’s been used in meals and beverage manufacturing, laboratories, and fitness institutions which signifies its safety. All in all, distilled water is the best kind of water for your humidifier.

Filtered Water

There are many types of water filtration systems that vary relying on the kind of filtration and the result it creates. Reverse osmosis is the kind of water filtration that removes all harmful contaminants and impurities leaving you with 99% pure water.

Carbon block filters do the best job removing dangerous contaminants properly but it is now not so high quality when dealing with heavy metals. Ionization is every other filtration technique that treats water but in some instances, it has been discovered to be no longer so fine when dealing with bacteria compared to RO or carbon block systems.

In any case, filtered water is a superb alternative to use for your humidifier but it depends on the filtration device you have considering the fact that the presence of heavy metals and bacteria would possibly nonetheless harm your system and be precarious.

Boiled Water

Most of us suppose that by really boiling the water we make it wholesome and innocent to consume. The reality is that treating the water at an excessive temperature solely eliminates the germs. Therefore, all of the unsafe contaminants are nevertheless in place.

Even extra so, boiling reduces the quantity of water, and in that case, the attention of hazardous contaminants increases. Samely as with faucet water, boiled water is now not dealt with accurately and remains harmful both, for your fitness and the humidifier.

Bottled Water

Contaminants would not often be observed in bottled water as The Food and Drug Administration has set the requirements that have to be accompanied earlier than releasing it to the market. Although this capability that bottled water is perfectly protected to use in your humidifier there is something to hold in mind.

Most of the bottled water comes in plastic bottles and artificial polymer particles (microplastic) can be discovered and launched into the water. These particles are fairly risky for the human physique to eat and of course, they would injure your humidifier.

Demineralized Water

With demineralization, almost all salts, minerals, and impurities are removed from the water. This means that demineralized water is free from contaminants like calcium, sulfate, chloride, magnesium, sodium, etc.

The disadvantage that comes with demineralized water is simply that together with harmful minerals it also removes beneficial ones which might cause a mineral shortage in the body and influence its functions.

Moreover, this type of water purification does not eliminate viruses, bacteria, and organics, which will have a significant negative effect on your humidifier and the cleanness of your air.

Type of Water Advantages Disadvantages
Tap water Easy access Full of harmful contaminants, bacteria, and viruses. Will damage the humidifier
Purified (distilled) water No harmful contaminants, healthy None
Filtered water 99% pure water (RO), perfect for a humidifier Certain types of filtration leave heavy metals, bacteria
Boiled water No gems Full of contaminants in increased concentration
Bottled water Treated according to FDA standards Has microplastic particles
Demineralized water Free from salts and minerals Has viruses, bacteria, organics

Specific Benefits of Using Purified Water in a Humidifier

1. Reduce Mineral Deposition

Tap water might also contain positive minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, etc. When the water evaporates in the humidifier, these minerals can also remain inside the humidifier and structure scale. Using purified water can limit these mineral deposits, lowering clogging and much less common cleaning of the humidifier.

2. Avoid the Growth of Bacteria

Tap water can also contain microorganisms and bacteria, which may also breed in the humidifier and unfold into the air through moisture. Using purified water reduces the threat of bacterial boom and contributes to cleaner and more healthy indoor air.

3. Increase the Life of the Humidifier

Mineral deposits and bacterial growth may lead to putting on and tear and shorten the lifestyles of the humidifier. Using purified water can minimize these problems, thereby prolonging the life of the humidifier and saving protection and substitute costs.

4. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Purified water does not include extra chemicals, pollution, or cure agents such as chlorine, the usage of purified water for humidification can assist enhance indoor air quality, in particular for humans who are touchy with air quality, such as allergy patients, infants wait.

Note: It’s necessary to notice that whilst there are some advantages to the usage of purified water, normal cleansing, and upkeep of the humidifier are recommended, regardless of the kind of water used.

In conclusion, can you use purified water in a humidifier? The reply is of route yes. Purified water is a great choice as a humidifier water source. Choose the proper water supply to preserve your humidifier working correctly while growing a fine indoor environment for you. If you do not have to get admission to purified water at home, you can think about buying a reverse osmosis machine water cleaner to reap purified water. It’s necessary to pick out a professional manufacturer like SimPure and oftentimes keep and change the filters in your reverse osmosis device to make sure best overall performance and purity of the water.


In conclusion, choosing the right water for your humidifier is crucial for its performance and the quality of the air it disperses. While purified water can be used in a humidifier, it is important to consider the pros and cons, including cost and potential mineral deficiencies. Alternatives such as distilled water, filtered water, or boiled water can also provide effective and more affordable options. Whichever water source you choose, proper cleaning and maintenance of your humidifier are essential to ensure its longevity and the delivery of clean, moisturized air.


  1. Can I use purified water in any type of humidifier?
    Yes, you can use purified water in most types of humidifiers. However, it’s important to check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure compatibility and follow their recommendations.
  2. What are the benefits of using purified water in a humidifier?
    Using purified water in a humidifier can help reduce mineral buildup, prevent white dust, and maintain better air quality. It can also prolong the lifespan of the humidifier by preventing clogs and blockages.
  3. Are there any downsides to using purified water in a humidifier?
    The main drawback of using purified water is the cost, as it can be more expensive compared to tap water or distilled water. Purified water may also lack certain minerals that are present in tap water or other water sources.
  4. Is distilled water better than purified water for a humidifier?
    Distilled water is often considered the optimal choice for a humidifier as it is free from most contaminants. However, purified water can also be suitable, depending on the purification method and the water’s specific quality.
  5. Can I use tap water in a humidifier if I don’t have any other options?
    If tap water is your only option, it is generally safe to use. However, be aware that tap water can contain minerals and chemicals that may lead to mineral buildup, white dust, or other issues. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your humidifier become even more important in such cases.